Cazzano - Town Hall

Oral history tells us that once a dancing gypsy wandered through Cazzano in olden times. We find that same figure on the town coat of arms in which the Torrione is depicted, a symbol of the town and its town hall today. It is a fortress dating to 1200.
Cazzano owes this name to the old noble Cazzano family, who left a significant legacy to the town and were remembered for it.

The town is mentioned with the name of Borgo Sant’Andrea in the Deed of Deliverance of the Commune of Gandino on 6 July 1233.
After 1435, Cazzano separated from Barzizza and became a parish in 1459.
On 14 July 1928, it was unified with Casnigo in administrative terms, winning back its autonomy, with a decree of the President of the Italian Republic Gronchi, 7 December 1959.