Gandino - The church of San Gottardo

We find the 16th century church of Santi Gottardo and Bartolomeo Apostolo above the town of Gandino in the hamlet of Cirano which has been an autonomous parish since 1969.
Celebrations are held in devotion to the Blessed Virgin of Good Health, yearly between the end of July and beginning of August. The small bell tower is home to a concert of 9 bells in C 4 (concert of 8 with the 7th minor, B-flat).
The largest bell is quite old, cast in 1650 (the caster is unknown).

The 2nd and 3rd (D4 and E4) were produced by the Barigozzi company (MI) – 1954.
In 1987, the concert was taken to 5 bells (adding the 4th and 5th, F4 and G4) and in 1991, 3 small bells and a semitone were added.