Gandino - Church dedicated to Saint Joseph

Dedicated to Saint Joseph, the church is located on the old Mirandola road, and is one of the oldest in the parish, dating back to the 16th century.
The Confraternity of Saint Joseph, which each year coordinates festivities in honour of Saint Francis of Paola, is found there.

It is very likely that worship of the saint was diffused in Gandino in 1740-1741 by the Minim friars, who resided in a church and convent in Bergamo in that period.
The Confraternity of Saint Joseph was established in antiquity, given that historical archives confirm its existence from 1516, when there were even a hundred active members.

The canonical establishment of the Confraternity is dated 1596 and in 1798 was suppressed by the Napoleonic government, which confiscated all its assets.
It was reactivated in 1867 and today carries out maintenance work and restoration on the San Giuseppe church with particular care.