Casnigo - Fratellanza Theatre

The Fratellanza Theatre of Casnigo was built at the beginning of the 20th century in the building housing the Fratellanza Circle, an irreplaceable benchmark in the town’s cultural and social life, especially since the Theatre has been recently restored: a tiny yet beautifully frescoed gem.
Of the personages who have belonged to the Fratellanza, it is impossible not to mention Giuseppe Bonandrini, born in Casnigo (exactly in the building that now serves as site of the Circle). He was medical officer for almost forty years and moreover, using the name of Pichetù Prim, was Duke of the Duchy of Piazza Pontida in Bergamo.
Casnigo’s main square is dedicated to him. He was a lover of music and a vernacular poet and the ideal testimony of a cultural verve which finds new strength in a specific and lively theatrical association in this new millennium.

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