Casnigo - The Sanctuary of the Madonna d’Erbia

The Casnigo community is strongly connected to the Sanctuary of the Madonna d’Erbia in remembrance of the appearance of the Virgin Mary in 1550. The tradition says that a highly revered image of the Madonna was found in a farmer’s farmstead in a mountain community not far from the Sanctuary. Numerous pilgrims crossed the surrounding fields to see the image, trampling the grass.
Annoyed, the farmer used a hoe to strike and disfigure the painting which magically reappeared during the night.
The second appearance took place in 1839 on the 6th of August when the child Luigi Rossi found shelter beneath the chapel’s porch during a bad storm. Terrified, the child was comforted by a woman dressed in red and white who looked after him in a nearby barn, giving him bread to eat, still today revered as a relic.

In 1873, the Bishop of Bergamo, Monsignor Pierluigi Speranza ordered an investigation into the occurrence which concluded on 12 October of the same year with a document attesting to the miracle.
The people of Casnigo are quite devoted to the Madonna d’Erbia and there are many votive offerings at the Sanctuary. The church holds yet another precious memento: the cassock worn by Pope John Paul II just days before his death, donated by the Casnigo married couple Mario Franchina and Emma Torri who were close friends with the Pope in Castelgandolfo.

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